internet copywriterDaniel Lizurek is a Linguistic Sales Strategist who helps clients put their best foot forward, make the right impression, seal that important business deal, and effectively communicate their message. He emphasises the value proposition with clarity, focus, originality and impact, while motivating their target audience to action.

Daniel has over 8 years experience as a sales copywriter, advertising copywriter, website copywriter, freelance writer and SEO copywriter. He is a passionate student and researcher of the techniques used by Hollywood’s top writers, directors and leading producers to captivate,  mesmerise and fascinate their audiences.

He has learned, developed and perfected more than 78 psychological triggers and 28 response-boosting tactics that he has personally tried and tested over nearly a decade,
in more than 95 diverse industries and business niches.

Daniel has an unrelenting drive to learn the intricacies of your business, your personal story and what makes you stand out from the crowd, in order to help you blow your
own trumpet and win over your audience without resorting to recycled corporate clichés, jargon or time-worn phrases.

Because Daniel uses no templates, the sales copy he produces for clients is totally unique. His sales copy is fresh, riveting and engaging – not a reproduction of the same ‘echo’ produced by the competition.

Daniel is the author of Australia’s #1 Copywriting Blog, here he shares his breakthroughs, tips, insights and ideas to help hard-working business owners and entrepreneurs take their business to the next level, by helping them communicate their message more effectively.

Though he knows the business strategies and secrets that make even the most apathetic, sceptical and ‘sluggish’ audience to sit up and take notice, he takes time out for fun when he is away from his laptop. “I’m a firewalker! I walked on hot, fiery coals with Tony Robbins!” he declares, and admits that he loves “travel, running, doing the occasional Michael Jackson moonwalk and toe-jump – and playing basketball,” he says, laughing.

In today’s fast-paced, over-entertained and over-communicated world, where you get just one chance to make the best first impression, Daniel gives clients the unique edge that often leads to fast profits.