Catch More Business with a Website that Books You Solid!

Is your website bringing you all the business you need? Or is it leaving some gaps in your booking calendar? Perhaps the text on your website isn’t powerful enough, and really struggles to persuade web visitors to pick up the phone and call you.

Research shows that having a professional looking website is not enough to convince customers to come to you. Your website needs to attract traffic, but you also need persuasive English to turn that traffic into business.

Web Talk is King

The internet gives people an overwhelming number of options. It won’t take long before a potential customer clicks away from your website and lands on your competitor’s site. Click-click and she’s gone! She can even do a quick and easy comparison and if you competitor seems to appear more credible and persuasive they will probably get the business.

You may have more knowledge and experience than your nearby competitors, but the impression your website gives is that you are perhaps raw or inexperienced. Back in the time of the Yellow Pages the ‘best’ professionals got all the business, but times have changed. Now a young kid can be more successful than an old industry veteran, just because he understands how to write for the web.

…But it Needs to be Persuasive

So, a potential customer lands on your website and looks around. She reads a line here and a paragraph there expecting for you to grab her by the hand and persuade her as to why you are the best choice for her needs and why she should call and make an appointment.

Perhaps you have some impressive information buried deep in your website, offers, abilities and services that really set you apart from the other professionals in your field.

If your impressive work history is buried somewhere in the middle of your About Us page, a rushed web visitor will probably never see it and never discover just how much you have to offer them.

There is a reason it’s nicknamed ‘surfing’ the web; readers skim across the surface of web pages, they don’t read everything word-for-word these days – if nothing stands out and grabs their attention they move on.

Hook Readers Instantly or Lose Them… forever!

In the digital age wherein web visitors are multi-tasking, impatient and easily distracted, you have about five seconds on each page they visit to capture their attention, then a short time more to convince them to stay on your website longer. Then a little bit longer. And a little…

Think about how you do research on the internet. When you have a question or an issue you want to investigate, you don’t want to slog through paragraph after paragraph of text, you want to find a relevant answer quickly. Your web visitors are the same. Your web content must be relevant to your visitors.

If your web visitors don’t feel motivated to dial the number or use the contact form, they will leave; and most disappearing web visitors never come back!

Spruce Up Your Web Content

Composing compelling content takes skill. Most busy business owners are way too busy or distracted to write powerful and action-inducing content themselves. Slapping some text together and hoping for a positive impression is not a smart way of promoting your business.

The result is an attractive website that fails to deliver bookings, sales and enquiries only because it has little or no sales appeal. No pull power.

Getting Business to Come to You

So if you’re getting volumes of traffic to your website but little or no business, then it’s time to turn your website into a professional sales tool. You need relevant, credible and compelling content that moves your visitors to take action. That’s where a good professional copywriter can assist.

What a Copywriter can do for you

A copywriter is a specialist in the advertising and writing industry who writes persuasive sales documents. Promotional copywriting is designed to generate and increase interest in a product, service or idea, using persuasive language that sells your services in a professional manner.

If you have a decent product then a professional copywriter can help bring more customers, more sales and more profit with less effort in 2013!