Killer About Us Pages

A SIMPLE Way To Help You IMPROVE Your Online Results NOW!

Whether you get paid by the hour, project, day or week you will get paid more, in full and on time as soon as you position yourself as a niche expert.

After working closely with some of the most respected and prolific marketers and business leaders for close to a decade now I am convinced that POSITIONING is their #1 WEAPON.

In fact, if you have to constantly validate your expertise, justify your prices and reinforce your credibility then perhaps you’re missing your #1 opportunity to build your expert status.

The About Us page is one of the highest ranked pages on many websites… and your biggest ‘positioning’ opportunity

The About Us page is your calling card, your banner or billboard. It’s your major-league advertisement, accessible WORLDWIDE, 24 hours a day!

It is who you are on the Internet, and one of the few opportunities you have to build a relationship with your clients in the faceless, impersonal digital world.

Unfortunately… this ‘critical’ page is often the most neglected one of all!

Marketing masters know that if you want to be perceived as a knowledgeable expert you need to turn your about page into an effective marketing and promotional tool.

That’s what ‘Creating Killer About Us Pages’ will help you to do. It will help you to boost your credibility and build your expert status sooner. It will also show you how to effectively market yourself and your business.

A carefully-crafted About Us Page can build instant rapport with prospects 

‘Creating Killer About Us Pages’  is not some lengthy manual crammed with text, but a bullet-point action list of some of the best tips, techniques, strategies and ideas that can help you promote yourself and your business (or clients’ businesses) effectively on the Internet.

‘Creating Killer About Us Pages’ gives you access to dozens of ways to help you capture, articulate, reinforce, validate and communicate your uniqueness and expertise.

If you already have an About Us page then this special guide will show you what you need to HIGHLIGHT and focus on to enhance your expert status.

If you’re in the process of building a website or just starting out online you’ll learn a practical step-by-step SYSTEM for building ‘about’ pages that pack a punch and help you put your best self forward every time!

If you’re a budding copywriter looking for a proven TEMPLATE for creating killer about pages in no time… ‘Creating Killer About Us Pages’  will help you to blow your own trumpet and showcase your own portfolio of accomplishments, unique skills, special talents and your brilliance, like a marketing genius.

Market yourself like a marketing genius

You’ll also learn:

  • BREAKTHROUGH STRATEGIES that won’t break the bank for creating killer ‘about us’ pages in minimum time!
  • A time-tested collection of special techniques that can transform ordinary ‘about’ pages into killer marketing tools
  • Long vs short – what’s the best length for an about us page
  • Strategies to build your credibility and establish your expert status
  • A hand-picked swipe file collection of some of the best ‘about’ pages on the Internet today
  • How to promote yourself and your business on the Internet
  • How to leverage your hidden assets to DOUBLE your income
  • SECRET TIPS FROM THE TRENCHES to help you tip those tough clients and contracts to your side without discounting!
  • Effective strategies for self-promotion that will take your business and income to the NEXT LEVEL!
  • Low-cost, step-by-step strategies to showcase your expertise, make you stand out from the crowd, and create a powerful brand identity.

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Your handshake to instant credibility, higher paydays and more impressive projects and clients!

In his bestselling book What Clients Love, best-selling author and marketing expert Harry Beckwith reports that even though the statistics overwhelmingly show that most people buy:

·      the person first,

·      company second,

·      products/services third, and…

·      price last

On the Internet YOU, the service provider, are the #1 product. People have to subconsciously ‘buy’ you before they even consider purchasing your product or service.

That’s why the About Us page is so important. It’s your reference card that will help you secure better, higher-paying projects more often!

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This is MY #1 secret weapon

This is the exact list I use to produce About Us pages for clients.

It’s a skill that took me nearly a decade to learn, perfect and systemise.

Now you can have it for just a fraction of what I paid through hard work, education and constant trial and error…in fact, you can have it for just $97.

That’s it.

It’s not even a hundred dollars to learn some of the best tips, tricks, strategies and techniques for producing effective About Us pages.

Best of all, you can have it right now.

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How many opportunities are passing you by simply because your about page…well, JUST SUCKS!

If you lose just one client or sale per week because people can’t see the true value or contribution you can make to their business or life, then how much is that costing you in lost sales and opportunities week after week, year after year?

…it’s not what you have done, accomplished or even who you know, but how you combine all those little seemingly insignificant facts and present it.

It’s all about position, remember?

‘Creating Killer About Us Pages’  will help you put your very best self under the spotlight… every time a prospect or client visits the page.

If you so choose, you can help clients do the same by copywriting their About Us pages for them…this guide makes it a child’s play!

If you’re shy about ‘bragging’ or self-promotion then this guide will show you how to market yourself professionally.

‘Creating Killer About Us Pages’ will give you a higher percentage of success in proposal negotiations, sales presentations, and your marketing and advertising endeavours.

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P.S. Order today and I will also give you my personal power questionnaire I use when crafting About Us pages for clients. This is a perfect supplement, because by simply asking the right questions the About Us page will nearly self-create. Then you can use  ‘Creating Killer About Us Pages’ to enhance and polish it. EASY!