How To Write Effective Thank You Notes

write effective thank you notesFrom your family and friends, to work colleagues and clients, no one wants to feel as if their act of big-heartedness has gone unnoticed.

Yet, often we forget to THANK those passionate ‘business cheerleaders’ who out of the goodness of their hearts refer your business to others.

That’s why showing what I call ‘prompt gratitude’ is ever so important, and writing a quick thank you note works so well. It should make your client feel acknowledged and appreciated, and hopefully motivated to keep spreading positive vibes about your company.

So, you want to show your appreciation and write a thank you note. But… where do you start? Well, you won’t need to turn to a copywriter to add flourish and sincerity to your words, because here I am going to share my simple but effective formula for creating effective thank you notes.


The SCQOP Formula

  • Be Specific. Thank your recipient for what you have specifically received, and say how it has benefited you. Using specific details will make your message sincere.
  • Be Concise. You’re not writing a thesis. Remember, you want to acknowledge an act of generosity, but you don’t want to take up a lot of their precious time in doing so, so, keep it short!
  • Be Quick. The timing of the note can lend it greater impact, so do it immediately.
  • Be Organised. Be careful when sending out more than one note at once and check that you have addressed the correct recipient; sending a note to the wrong person will make you look disorganised and your heartfelt gesture look artificial.
  • Be Positive. It’s important to end your thanks on a positive note. Wish him or her well. If appropriate, express your desire to see the person again soon.

Got all that? Here’s a quick example:

– ———————-

Dear Mrs Prospect,

Thank you so much for referring Olga Prospect to me.

This morning I have happily cancelled my Herald Sun ad as I no longer need it due to happy and generous clients like yourself, who help me attract new customers. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, and I appreciate all you have done for me.

I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to think of my company and the copywriting services I offer to clients.

I can’t express my gratitude strongly enough.

All the best,

Daniel the copywriter


There you go, short and sweet.

People who refer your company to others enable you to grow, prosper and be successful without you spending a dime on advertising.

If I was you, I would want to identify those passionate brand evangelists and develop a plan to stay in touch so that none of their generous acts go unnoticed. (Good idea.)

Sure, you can email them, but a handwritten thank you note is so much more special; it is different and in the age of hundred-and-forty-character ‘tweets’ so memorable. Your clients will appreciate it.

Don’t limit yourself to just thank you notes. Consider sending movie tickets, tickets to events, gift hampers, or taking the client to lunch to show just how much their efforts have meant to you.

Reward their brand loyalty and generosity, and hopefully they will keep sending business your way! It’s a win-win-win for all.

Consider setting aside a few minutes tonight to write short thank you notes to your best clients. Don’t forget other people’s contributions. Be sure to acknowledge your friends, colleagues and employees for their contributions. And, for goodness sake, don’t forget your family!

Here are some examples from the Internet to help you see how other people articulate their thoughts on paper to create interesting and heartfelt thank you notes:

Thank You Note #1


Thank You Note #2


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thankyounoteThank You Note #5


Thank You Note #6


Thank You Note #7 Thank_You_Note

Thank You Note #8

(Not sure how young this next ‘author’ is but evidently he or she gets the power behind sincere HANDwritten thank you notes!)

thank you note