Seminar thoughts and distinctions…

Oops! This post is way overdue.

You might have known, from my previous posts, about the three-day seminar I recently attended.

It was a great experience and you can see some great photos below…

What I want to share with you today is give you a quick summary of the main points, distinctions and some random thoughts I had as a result of attending the event.

While nothing can replace the seminar experience hopefully my quick-points below will give you some value as you learn how making small changes can have a profound positive impact on your business and life…

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Rapid Success Secrets – the event!

Today was day one of the three-day seminar with Spike Humer and Darren Stephens. These guys are simply incredible. Despite their renowned status and an impressive track record they are totally down to earth and are not trying to intimidate or ‘wow’ the audience with a bunch of cool startegies that you’ll never need or use. They only share what you need to create the results you want.

No ego’s here with these two giants! They really know how to share the stage for the benefit of the audience and do a great job working together.

Tomorrow we’ll go into more advanced stuff, but what I learned even today was of great value. Spike and Darren took a bunch of mind-science technologies and showed me a totally new dimension that made abstract concepts real and tangible for me.

I also met some very ambitious business leaders and had great fun. I look forward to tomorrow!

Do you really need a brochure?

So, you’re in the process of rebranding your current business, are starting a new business or have finally convinced yourself that it’s time to get more serious about marketing…


Now, having a glossy brochure seems like the next logical step… or does it?

Before you go off to the printers you should first consider the following…

What you need is not a brochure or business cards or even a website.

What you need are effective marketing communications or conversations.

A client came to me the other day with a pre-final draft of his brochure. It was a professionally formatted, beautifully designed and illustrated piece of artwork filled with lots of nice words, claims and phrases.

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Masters show you how to write better subject lines!


Do you read EVERY email that shows up in your inbox?

No-way! Right?

Of course, you don’t. Your clients are not any different.

They hastily scan their inboxes to decide what’s urgent, important, relevant or ‘junk’!

That’s why your subject line is so important — in fact, it’s the most important part of your email. Why?

Because unless the subject line grabs your attention and triggers your curiosity then chances are you will never open and read that email.

So if you want your emails to be read and acted upon, you need to get them opened first and that won’t happen unless you have a killer subject line that’s impossible for your audience to pass up … Over the last couple of years I’ve received emails from the greats like John Carlton, Chet Holmes, Rich Schefren, Clayton Makepeace and many other great marketers and copywriters.

Those people are at the top of their game and they know how to create killer subject lines. Today, I want to share 100+ subject lines they’ve used in their email promotions over the years. If the fastest way to learn any skill is to copy the masters then these scoop of emails should take your copywriting prowess, and marketing and advertising promotions to the next level… FAST!

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Cutting-edge technology to replace NLP?

Two good friends are about to stage a hands-on seminar that will set a new standard in the success science industry… and they promise to do something VERY unique and special for the participants…

These two international authors and transformational and turnaround experts will share their extensive research on mind-science technologies.

They will not only arm you with a unique skill-set that will allow you to finally cross the threshold of greatness but, more importantly, it could turn you into a sought-after expert simply because…

You’ll walk away with not one but TWO industry recognised accreditations that will enable you to turn this exciting newfound skill-set into a lucrative career!

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How to respond to angry emails

Peak Performance Coach, Tony Robbins, says that your state determines your outcome or results. When you are in a lousy state then your words, behaviour and communication style and delivery will reflect that. As a result you risk blurting something silly… something that you may regret later.

That’s especially true when you respond to angry emails while being in a bad or unresourceful state.

Success in business is all about building quality relationships. And, at times, a client, friend or colleague rubs you the wrong way or sends you an email that makes your blood pressure go up.

Question… How do you tame your emotions and respond in a professional but effective manner?

You need to stop reacting and start responding. And, today I want to share with you one simple yet profound distinction that should help you stay cool under pressure and make your communications more effective…

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Help clients deal with the contender syndrome more effectively.

A recent article in the Psychology Today magazine pointed out how many people are simply not happy with their past choices or decisions. Some victims suffer from what has been dubbed the Contender Syndrome (or comparative thinking syndrome) – “a sense of not living up to the best you.”

While some are swimming in a large pool of denial constantly making excuses as to why they haven’t accomplished much in life… Others seem to be heartbroken, ashamed, disappointed and, probably more than anything, FRUSTRATED as the GAP between where they are today and where they want to be is bigger than ever, and they don’t know what to do about it.

The article made an interesting observation that often people are waiting for the ‘next big thing’ … without knowing how to articulate or define it.

That’s where your products/service comes, right? What you need to do is connect with your market and demonstrate how your product/service can close that ‘gap’ and help them experience more meaning, purpose and fulfillment in life…

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How to make your sales copy more concise and convincing.

Here’s an easy way to make your emails and sales copy more effective.

Your sales copy will be more engaging if produced in the right frame of mind…

Generally, I try to avoid writing when I’m tired or unfocused.

That’s why you’ll see me write at most crazy hours of the day (or night!) … sometimes first blush of the morning is the ideal time for me, at other times, I’m still on the keyboard past midnight.

Does it work? As long as I’m in the right ‘state’ it does most of the time. And, if I’m not in the best state, and firing multiple anchors doesn’t do the trick, then I go for a quick stroll, run or bike ride around the block to get some fresh air, get my heart pumping and inject my body with more energy.

The other thing I do is minimise and even avoid those overused ‘filler’ words that we are all guilty of using a little too often. It’s an easy way to make your sales copy more focused, concise and convincing …

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How understanding peer pressure can improve your sales copy

Remember your high-school years? The coolest kid in school?

I can still remember year eight in high school…

This boy got transferred from another school. His head was skin shaved except for his fringe which was long and thick. He had a perfectly symmetrical face, a great personality, and his slightly rebellious aspect made him the coolest kid in class.

Soon other boys wanted ‘long-fringe-shaved-heads’ look. While I thought that was cool my parents had a different mind. But, here’s the thing…

Soon, many boys would talk like him, dress like him and even act like him. Ah, peer pressure.

Of course, peer pressure doesn’t end with high-school. And you won’t believe how peer pressure can make your prospects and clients instantly more responsive and interested in your products and services when you know how to use it correctly…

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How to reduce money-back requests and charge backs…

Hate it when clients ask for a refund?

Unfortunately, no matter how great your product is, you’ll occasionally receive refund requests.

A single refund may not bother you, much. But a handful of refunds is not something to turn your nose up at.

You’ve worked hard to develop a product, build a website, and put a sales page together. After endless revisions and redesigns, finally, a first couple of visitors land on your pitch page … then a few more, and soon you have a steady flow of regular traffic. You get a first sale, then the next, soon your sales shoot through the roof and, sometimes, so do your refunds …

A (now) client came to me, puzzled at the number of refund requests he received during the previous three months. After taking a closer look I was immediately able to pinpoint where the problem was … Today, I want to share a handful of those ‘discoveries’ that hopefully should be useful to you if in fact you’re looking to drastically reduce or minimize those annoying ‘money back’ requests…

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