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“Recently I was putting together a website strategy for one of my most important clients in a very competitive industry. With minimum input or direction from me, Daniel created an attention-grabbing 17-word headline that produced a whopping 20.7% conversion rate on the page. Almost every day, I see good websites that convert at around 2 percent to 5 percent, so Daniel’s headline definitely made me and my client happy! Many copywriters charge a lot for producing “pretty” words that don’t get the job done in terms of selling. Daniel is one of the few copywriters I’ve worked with who “gets it” and can deliver hard-hitting copy that makes sales. Plus, his on-time and on-budget performance is exemplary. I highly recommend Daniel Lizurek and Fast Profits.” Will Swayne | www.Marketing-Results.com.au

The #1 Question Most Business Owners Don’t Ask… Often Enough!

Business owners often wonder how to increase profit and sales and I believe the answer is ‘starring’ them right in the face.

Someone once said that the quality of your business is determined by the quality of questions you ask yourself once in a while on a regular basis.

Ask dumb questions and automatically your brain starts focusing on dumb solutions and opportunities that only prove to be a waste of time.

So, how do you ask better questions?

I want to share with you a single powerful question that I believe can transform your business, fast. It’s a question that you probably don’t ask yourself often enough. Chances are, it’s a question that you probably can’t answer…or answer right now.

Here it is…

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Woolworths Sticky Specials – Coupons Are Back!

Have you heard of the ‘sticky specials’? If you’re in Australia and receiving junk mail then you should get them at some point. Basically, they work like coupons, come in a catalogue and all you have to do is ‘pick, stick, and save’. Those little stickers enable you to decide what’s on special. Well, you don’t really get to decide, you can only stick them on ‘selected’ products.

Now, I am not here to promote Woolies but thought this is a new spin on the old coupons technique. It’s interesting. I am not sure whether their sticky campaign will actually work (sounds like a lot of work just to save a dollar or two!) but I like how the concept is presented – in three easy steps!  See graphic below.


Yes, there is room for improvement. It would be nice to see a short punchy headline that sums up the concept at a glance. But here’s a lesson. If you can’t explain what you ‘do’ in about three simple steps then your online prospects and clients will certainly miss it.

Copywriting & Marketing Distinctions – Pt. 2

In my last post I shared some powerful copywriting and marketing insights. This is part two. See if there is anything in here that you can take action upon right now…

Copywriting & Marketing Distinctions – Pt. 2 (To read part one click Copywriting & Marketing Distinctions – Pt. 1)

6. One of the best ways to work on your business is to break down the steps prospects go through to buy from you. What are the steps that prospects go through to buy from your landing page or website? What additions, variations or assumptions can you TEST to see if it outperforms your previous model? Always focus on making it easier for customers to deal with your business or buy from you.

7. Look inside your organization BEFORE you look outside for help and answers. Some of your staff works better on the phone, others are better when selling face-to-face. You need to determine what they ‘DO’ that’s different and how they think to produce such powerful results.

8. When targeting new prospects always keep asking this simple question: “Who is 10X more likely to buy from us?” Next, make sure that your marketing, sales, and copywriting material speaks to them, and them only.

9. There are people who are hungry for ideas. That’s good but it makes more ‘dollar sense’ to be hungry for RESULTS, not ideas. One has a bias towards action the other doesn’t. One makes money the other is preparing to make money. Know the difference. Both are so close but the final outcome is profound.

10. You must revisit your goals, vision and plans regularly because it’s easy to get detached from what’s most important. In life we get what we focus on. It’s easy to focus on the negative, it’s everywhere – the bills we need to pay, the staff we need to train, the losses we have to put up with and the everyday business issues we need to address. If you don’t p-l-a-n to revisit your vision (ideal future) you will drift away from excellence – by default, (it’s automatic).

Feeling motivated to work ON your business? Then make sure you APPLY those points/ideas that make most sense to you. Also, start with your ‘lowest hanging fruit’ – as a marketing copywriter I can help you identify your biggest business opportunities. Sometimes making a few small adjustments in how you present your offer and value proposition can result in a dramatic bottom-line improvement. Learn more about my copywriting achievements and what I can do for you and your business here – copywriting testimonials.

Copywriting & Marketing Distinctions – Pt. 1

If you’re the practical type then you’re going to enjoy today’s post. It’s a collection of copywriting and marketing insights, ideas and distinctions from Jay Abraham, the marketing genius. Some business owners and marketers are so busy in their business/company that they forget to focus on the most important tasks and activities. That’s just too easy to do. We live in the age of digital and electronic pollution. So, distractions are everywhere. Sometimes it’s a good idea to PAUSE and ask ourselves: ‘How will this next task/activity/event help me be more successful in my business?’ If there’s no immediate or consequential contribution – IGNORE IT, and focus on what really makes a difference.

Here’s a list of ‘stuff’ that sometimes we forget to focus on but we should:

1. There is an incredible LEVERAGE in your marketing. For example, your ad or promotion costs you the same fixed cost, no matter whether it just breaks even, doubles your business or makes a loss. You need to be always on the look-out for better performing ways of achieving your business objectives. REMEMBER the cost is the same, the result varies (often, greatly).

2. If you depend on just one (even two or three) activities to grow and stabilise your business, just imagine what will happen if one (or two) of those activities turns ineffective. Your goal should be to create additional revenue generating activities or systems. A table with four legs is MORE stable than a table with one or two.

3. Picture in your mind a set of measuring scales. What can you do or say to tip the scales in your favour, so the customer will be more likely to say ‘YES!’ and buy from you? What is it about your business that is special and unique… and yet you never take the time to educate your prospects and clients about that. Remember, if they can’t see it, they won’t appreciate it.

4. Know the difference between STRATEGIC effort and TACTICAL effort. Strategy is the long-term vision and plan. It doesn’t always pay off in the short-term. But its impact can be very powerful in the long-term. Tactical effort is simply a one-off effort. You write a post, comment on a blog, send an mail. Results are expected with just one singular approach… whatever you do make sure that you are consistent and always keep the big picture in mind.

5. Always understand and focus on the TRANSACTIONAL outcome people get from dealing with you. What is the ultimate benefit or result a person can enjoy or look forward to as a result of being your client? Than, you need to educate people what options you can offer them. Show how people’s lives will be better off because of you. What’s the ultimate impact on their life, business, career, relationships, etc.?

Eye-opening? Now take action. Do something with what you have just learned! And look out for part two of the series.

Copywriting Quotes

Here’s a collection of timeless advertising and copywriting quotes. I think it’s powerful. Eye opening. If you want to increase sales and improve your online results then here you should find at least 3-5 practical and effective ways to help you do that now. Hope you enjoy it…

  • “On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy.” David Ogilvy
  • “A copywriter should have ‘an understanding of people, an insight into them, a sympathy toward them.” George Gribbin
  • “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’re doing, but nobody else does.” Steuart Henderson Britt
  • “Copy is like a skirt, it should be short enough to keep it interesting but long enough to cover the subject.” Unknown
  • “The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.” Henry Ford (also attributed to Thomas Jefferson, but Henry Ford makes more sense to me.)
  • “Facts are irrelevant. What matters is what the consumer believes.” Seth Godin
  • “The secret of all effective advertising is not the creation of new and tricky words and pictures, but one of putting familiar words and pictures into new relationships.” Leo Burnett
  • “The most important thing is a hungry market not a brilliant burger.” Gary Halbert
  • “We have become so accustomed to hearing everyone claim that his product is the best in the world, or the cheapest, that we take all such statements with a grain of salt.” Robert Collier
  • “There is no such thing as too long copy. Only too boring.” Dan Kennedy
  • “The consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife. You insult her intelligence if you assume that a mere slogan and a few vapid adjectives will persuade her to buy anything.” David Ogilvy
  • “The secret to positioning is to simply make whatever is different about you, your strength.” Craig Garber
  • “When people go to a web page, the thing that they want more than anything else is instant clarity.” Ken McCarthy
  • “Advertising says to people, ‘Here’s what we’ve got. Here’s what it will do for you. Here’s how to get it.” Leo Burnett

The unreasonable customer

Sometimes customers can be a little … unreasonable. That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Seth Godin says: ‘There are a few reasons to tolerate the customer who makes unreasonable demands:

  • You promised you would
  • She helps you raise your game
  • Her word of mouth is very powerful
  • The cost of frequently figuring out which customers to fire is too high compared to the cost of putting up with everyone

Great points. However, some customers can become way-too-unreasonable, like in this funny YouTube video. Go ahead and watch it and get ready in case you meet them! Hope it gives you a good laugh too…

If a customer corrupts your systems at a cost to other customers or he doesn’t understand that quality relationships are built on the fair exchange of value then you may consider firing that customer. Fire the unreasonable, so you can better serve the reasonable ones!

3 Reasons Why They Aren’t Buying!

I really hope you appreciate that a nice looking website won’t necessarily help you grow your business or increase your sales.

Chances are that you have a great looking site that’s getting a decent amount of traffic but not many sales or leads or enquiries. This is a classic scenario that often motivates my prospects to get in touch and ask for my help.

When I am asked to revamp a website or help a business attract more customers via their online channels I turn to my proven and tested copywriting systems and checklists that I have developed over the last decade.

Today, I want to share with you just some copywriting ‘tricks’ to help you hopefully achieve better results online…

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Dr Marc Dussault Recommends The Book

My previous post announced the official launch of Creating Killer About Us Pages – a step-by-step guide to help you turn your About Us page into an effective marketing, promotional and pre-eminence building tool.

I think it is a great book but I have to admit: I am a little bit biased!

That’s why I was so grateful, honoured and delighted when my business mentor Dr Marc Dussault agreed to write the Foreword. If you are wondering what Creating Killer About Us Pages is all about then here’s your opportunity to see why Marc thinks you need it.

The Foreword – Why YOU Need Creating Killer About Us Pages

“In this day and age it’s assumed you have a website (and of course a blog). One of the most overlooked aspects of websites is the About Us page. In Australia, much like in Canada, there’s the tall poppy syndrome affecting how people and companies (don’t) portray themselves online.

Even though few people hesitate to post comments, publish photos and other personal content on social networking sites – many hesitate or actively resist filling their About Us page with relevant and interesting content.

Consider the About Us page to be as important as a handshake when meeting someone for the first time. How do you feel when receiving the ‘dead fish’ handshake? A poorly designed About Us page is no different.

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How To Produce About Us Pages That Sell!


I have just launched a new eBook titled Creating Killer About Us Pages to help you effectively sell yourself on the Internet.

Why a book on ‘About Us Pages?’ Simply because the About Us page is one of the highest ranked pages on many websites. Unfortunately, it’s often the most neglected page.

The About Us Page is your calling card, like a banner or a billboard. It’s one of your most important web pages, accessible WORLDWIDE, 24 hours a day!

It is who you are on the Internet and one of the few opportunities you have to build a relationship with your clients in the faceless, impersonal digital world.

Remember…with so much competition out there, you’re only given one chance to make a good first impression…your About Us Page is ‘it’.

Often, it’s the only chance you get!

So it makes sense to make sure that yours does the job. But where do you start?

I have invested hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in copywriting seminars, workshops, courses, programs, special memberships, books and guides, and was disappointed. Simply because none of them seemed to tackle the subject of creating About Us pages, at least not the way Creating Killer About Us Page does it.

If you want to be perceived as a knowledgeable expert you need to turn your About Us Page into an effective marketing, promotional and pre-eminence building tool… Creating Killer About Us Page is a step-by-step guide that will help you boost your credibility and build your expert status almost instantly. Click here to learn more about this new marketing tool.



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