Learn from Napoleon: If You Want It Done Right You Don’t Have To Do It Yourself!

most expensive sales letterA simple letter, written by the great military leader Napoleon Bonaparte, was sold at auction for a whopping $405,000 – an insane amount for what appears to be just a one-page letter! (I’m jealous!)

Source adds: “[the letter] offers a window into the mind of the French emperor, struggling with syntax of the language of enemy Britain.”

So, it wasn’t just a short letter – it was a short letter full of typos!

Of course, the letter has great historical value, it’s one of three such English-language letters by Napoleon in the world, and it was sealed with the imperial eagle wax stamp. But, that’s beyond the point of this post…


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How To Use Facebook To Grow Your Business!

What are people saying about your business? If you have a business Facebook page with some positive comments on there then here’s an IDEA…

Recently Mrs. Meyer’s ran this ad in The Oprah Magazine. I think it’s clever. Down to earth. Simple. Instead of ‘pitching’ the ad is simply relating facts or ‘quoting’ what some of their Facebook fans are saying about their cleaning product (it’s hard to argue with this approach). Then they serve you a very soft sell…If you’re still interested you can check out their website for more information. But, no pressure. Here’s the ad…

I think the ad would be more effective if it presented a limited-time offer or made some compelling call to action. Still it’s an interesting ad that makes you think…How can you use other people’s ‘comments’ to advertise and grow your business?

HINT: Sometimes it’s not just what they say about your business … but also what they say about your industry, niche or even country.

Keyword mastery


Without keywords Google cannot get its wheels turning and people would really struggle to find your website. In this week’s business mastermind group we talked about keywords. Just because you took the time (or paid some expert) to identify the best keywords for your website doesn’t necessarily mean that those keywords are still working or working as well as they should.

With my mastermind friends we talked about how keywords reveal intent – the reason why people land on your site.

I don’t think many of your online prospects and clients actually engage in “screen shopping” (shopping on the internet without the intention of purchasing, known as “window shopping” in the real world). But, probably the majority of your web visitors click to your site or landing page for a reason

So, what are their reasons for visiting your site or blog? Try this exercise…

Try to analyse your traffic statistics asking yourself this question…

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Tony Robbins & Chet Holmes – 6 Ways To Get MORE Out Of Your Webiste!

Today I received an email from Tony and Chet, which contained some very thought-provoking questions. Asking good pointed questions forces you to find answers. It makes you aware of things that otherwise escape your attention.

They said that there are 6 questions that most business owners don’t know how to answer … but they should.

You see, having a website or a landing page is great. But, are your online efforts giving you the payoff you need to grow your business?

That’s why I thought sharing those 6 questions with you is a good idea, and here they are:

  1. How many visitors come to your website per month?
  2. How many of those turn into sales?
  3. How many emails are you collecting per month through your website?
  4. How long has the site been up?
  5. How many emails are in your database that have been collected through your website?
  6. What are you doing to follow up with visitors and close sales?

Food for thought? YOU BET! The REAL question is…

What are you going to ‘do’ about it and why not now?

What’s Your Website’s Readability Score – You May Be Surprised!

How readable is your web copy or text? If your copy is too dense or it requires a PhD to understand then you’re in trouble.

That’s because the online consumer is very impatient and often distracted.

So if your typical reader needs to reread your copy to understand what you mean then many of your readers simply won’t do it.

What they probably will do instead is click-away and leave.

Now, you know that web traffic is gold. So what can you do to persuade people to STAY on your website and take some meaningful action?


Increase the readability score from X/100 to around 60-70/100…

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How to tweak your About Us page

A recent Harris poll suggests that consumers don’t trust a lot of big businesses and less than 20% of people trust companies in the banking, pharmaceutical and health insurance industries.

Now if you’re in any of these industries then perhaps it makes sense to ‘educate’ your clients and prospects about how you are different – why you’re not like everyone else out there.

That’s why your About Us page is so important. It’s your opportunity to inform, to educate, to enlighten your web visitors about what makes you different.

If you’re a small business then the cards may be stacked in your favour. An article published on Yahoo Finance explains that large corporations and their actions may have brought about some negative attitudes. As a result many consumers love to hate big businesses…

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Spike Humer – Spike Humer International

“When it comes to copywriting, there’s fast and there’s good.  Getting good copy fast is difficult.  Getting great copy fast is almost impossible—but not quite.  Daniel Lizurek has written fantastic copy for me in record time.  In a market where amateur copywriters are a dime-a-dozen finding an on-time, all-the-time professional copywriter is a rarity.  Finding one like Daniel with a true gift of creating compelling copy inside of a deadline is a godsend.  He has my highest recommendation.”  Spike Humer – Spike Humer International

Marketing to women

Not a new book but it contains some timeless wisdom if you’re trying to appeal to women customers. Here’s the title: “EVEolution – The Eight Truths of Marketing to Women.” The book suggests that women:

influence the purchase of over 80% of consumer goods

influence 80% of health-care decisions

buy 50% of all automobiles sold, and play a role in influencing the purchase of 30% more

40% of households with assets of more that $600,000 are headed by women

start new businesses at twice the rate of men (!)

EVEolution is all about marketing to women. Here’s the book in the nutshell: Women are different and they have money. The book gives 8 Truths of Marketing to Women. Here’s a short summary to help you take advantage of trends in society…

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Dr Marc Dussault – Exponential Growth Strategist

Australia’s #1 Exponential Growth Strategist Recommends Daniel the copywriter…

“I have worked with Daniel on a wide variety of projects. He is innovative, flexible and extremely conscientious about his work. If you are looking to have Killer Kopy that sells ‘off the page’, Daniel’s up to the task. I recommend him to all our top Platinum and Diamond Members who are committed to growing their businesses by at least 100%/year. Go to www.MarcDussault.com for more information and read some of Daniel’s outstanding sales copy!” Dr Marc Dussault, Sydney, Australia

Copywriting Testimonials…


Early today I had a very focused discussion with my business mastermind group. One of the things mentioned was the power of using marketing testimonials to grow your business.

Now Google serves over 300 million results for ‘testimonials’ so the concept is nothing new. A quick internet search reveals that “the practice of testimonials dates back to the sixteenth century, when the term ‘testimonial’ was used as a personal introduction or reference, often for employment.”

According to Schweitzer & Moskowitz “testimonial advertising is when satisfied customers offer genuine statements of personal perspectives about their experience of a product or service.”

Good testimonials are genuine, specific and show potential customers and prospects that you are the real deal.

I want to show you  some of the most recent testimonials I received from clients, renowned authors and celebrities for two reasons:

One) If you’re looking for a good copywriter then hopefully you will feel convinced that I am the real deal, and

Two) If you are wondering what type of testimonials to use in your copywriting and sales letters than these real examples should give you some idea…

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