How to overcome objections and close more sales


Often, the reason why people don’t buy from you is because they believe that you will deliver what you promise. Actually, they DON’T! If they did, then you’d be spending less on marketing and advertising while attracting all the business and customers you need.

Here’s a great quote from Ogilvy on Advertising that I think sums up quite well what your copywriting must ‘accomplish’ or overcome in order to engage and sell more customers:

“I don’t know who you are.

I don’t know your company.

I don’t know your company’s product.

I don’t know what your company stands for.

I don’t know your company’s customers.

I don’t know your company’s record.

I don’t know your company’s reputation.

Now–what was it you wanted to sell me?”

So, you need to sell yourself (and your company) first to earn the trust and confidence of your customers. The ‘selling yourself’ part is not a grab bag of manipulative tricks or slick ruses but rather a strategy of engaging real prospects in meaningful conversations that lead to them buying from you – instead of the competition!

In the process you need to overcome certain objections some of which are mentioned in the that copywriting/advertising quote above. Great quote! Keep it handy the next time you sit down to write you next ad, sales letter or email.

If you want to close more sales in 2012 then hiring a copywriter could be just what your business needs right now.

Copywriting master puts a major dilemma to sleep!

In one of my posts I wrote about long copy vs short copy. If you’re still not sure how long your ads and sales letters should be then the following quote might help. In his copywriting classic titled Tested Advertising Methods master copywriter, John Caples, says:

“Put a brief selling message into your headline and subheadings.

Put your detailed message into small print. In this way you accomplish two things:

1) You get a brief message across to glancers with your headline and subheads.

2) You give a complete message in small print to the person who is sufficiently interested in your product to read about it.”

Wise words.

Keep in mind people will only read your sales copy if your headline has hooked their attention. So, your headline needs to be good. If it fails to trigger interest in your reader to keep reading, then no amount of copy – short or long – will make a difference.

Time to get smart about marketing

Okay, so you have almost 12 months ahead of you…what are you going to do differently in your business to make this your best year ever?

I am sure that you’re familiar with the 80-20 Rule. Basically, it states that…

20 percent of your efforts = 80 percent of your results.

So, eighty percent of the results you achieve are produced by twenty percent of your efforts. Question: ‘Do you know what that 20 percent was for you in 2011?’ Most importantly, how can you use that rule to your advantage in your business this year?

You need to get smart about your marketing. You need to focus on those business generating activities that yield highest results. Business coach, Brian Tracy, says that you need to focus on 4 things:

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Holiday season spending habits

Here’s an interesting infographic on how consumers shop online during holiday season. Even though slightly dated it still presents many interesting insights and ideas especially if you’re selling a commodity/perceived commodity.

online consumer

What is a copywriter?

beat the blank page syndrome

Why you probably need a copywriter!

According to Wikipedia, copywriting is the use of words and ideas to promote a person, business, opinion or idea.

If you want to promote your business or take your business to the next level then maybe you should really consider hiring a copywriter (at least once) to do your most important stuff.

Why? Because every great marketer and most successful companies use professional copywriters or ‘wordsmiths’ on a regular basis.

If the big guys need copywriters – then you probably do too…and, chances are, the last thing you want is having to endlessly stare at the blank screen or blank page when you want to write some piece of important persuasive text.

A good copywriter can help. He will help you stay focused on your business – rather than distracted and frustrated with time-consuming copywriting. A copywriter is someone who writes sales copy.

Top-notch copywriters often say that ‘Copy Is King’.

Great copy can make you some serious money and your business more profitable.

Today, I share some interesting quotes and insightful distinctions to help you answer this question and see how a professional copywriter can take your business to the next level.

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New Year’s Resolution for your business

new year's resolution business

Have you achieved your sales targets and business objectives for 2011? Regardless of your answer I am sure that you want to ‘do better’ next year, right? Perhaps you want to aim higher, increase your sales volume, boost your profits or stop worrying where your next lead, sale or client comes from.

Maybe you’re even thinking of hiring a professional copywriter…

To improve your business results you need to figure out where you are TODAY and where you want to by December next year. You need CLARITY. Because 12 months from today you will either be proud of your accomplishments or you’ll be stressed and worried.

You need to get clear. You need to figure what works and what doesn’t on your website…I present a practical action plan below:

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Improve your internet sales and results!


The new version of Google Analytics can help you understand how to sell more of your product and service on the internet. As an SEO copywriter, my job is to persuade more of your site visitors to STAY on your site a little while longer, be motivated to consume more content, and take action (buy from you/take the next step).

Let’s see how I can help you do that with the new version of Google Analytics…

Establish your baseline

First, you need to understand where you are now.

Simply log into Google Analytics and try to answer the following questions:

• How many VISITS do you get each month?
• How many of those are UNIQUE (new) visitors?
• Which pages get the MOST traffic?
• What percentage of those unique visitors convert to PAYING clients or take some kind of action?
• What are your BEST sources of traffic?
• How are visitors VIEWING your content? (computer, mobile phone, iPad)
• What percentage of visitors land on your ‘action pages’ (product pages, feedback forms, download page) and how many of them follow through?
• What are your TOP exit pages?

Now try to analyse the data. The idea is to determine what content makes you the most money. In other words, you need to figure out what types of conversations are rolling money into your bank account. That’s why you need to go to step #2…

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Turning online traffic into sales with the NEW Google Analytics tool!

The new version of Google Analytics is a real game changer. Used correctly it should help you understand your web visitors like never before. That’s because this new version allows you to track your web traffic in real time – as it happens!

How many visitors are on your website right now? Where have they come from?

Traditionally you’d have to wait up to 24 long hours for Google Analytics to display the stats for your website. Now with this new version you can SEE what’s happening as it happens. So, you can instantly know what impact a blog post, tweet or Facebook comment has on your website traffic. Cool!

Every proactive online marketer is constantly looking for new ways to attract MORE traffic to their website or sales letter. Now with this new version of Google Analytics you should easily understand what copywriting CONTENT to focus on to make the most of the only traffic you receive.

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Building trust online

In one of my previous posts I have explained that your customers and prospects are allergic to hype, superlatives and pressure tactics. To connect with the online consumer you need to practice honest communication. This infographic makes some interesting points…

persuading the sceptical consumer

Why you should delegate your copywriting projects…

You may think it’s a good idea to copywrite your next sales letter, promo email or advertisement. Perhaps you’re an avid student of marketing and you’re familiar with many copywriting tricks and techniques. Maybe you have read some or even most of the copywriting classics; and in the end, nobody knows your product the way you do, right? Well, even if you absolutely positively KNOW what you’re doing (copy wise) you may still miss the #1 ingredient that can cost you heaps in lost sales. Read this short ad to see why…

So, if you’re not happy with your online results then it’s probably because your sales copy is missing on that important ‘hook’… and there is an easy way to find it…

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