Turning online traffic into sales with the NEW Google Analytics tool!

The new version of Google Analytics is a real game changer. Used correctly it should help you understand your web visitors like never before. That’s because this new version allows you to track your web traffic in real time – as it happens!

How many visitors are on your website right now? Where have they come from?

Traditionally you’d have to wait up to 24 long hours for Google Analytics to display the stats for your website. Now with this new version you can SEE what’s happening as it happens. So, you can instantly know what impact a blog post, tweet or Facebook comment has on your website traffic. Cool!

Every proactive online marketer is constantly looking for new ways to attract MORE traffic to their website or sales letter. Now with this new version of Google Analytics you should easily understand what copywriting CONTENT to focus on to make the most of the only traffic you receive.

Real-Time Reporting – know what’s working and what’s not, instantly!

Google Analytics real-time reporting shows you what’s happening on your site as we speak! Meaning now. Google says: ‘The reports are updated continuously and each pageview is reported seconds after it occurs on your site.’

Useful? You bet.

Armed with that new information you should be able to measure the immediate impact of your promotions and social media efforts. Simply update your blog or send out a tweet and you will see the immediate impact to your site traffic. A great idea if you were always wondering what efforts generate the best traffic for your product or service.

Now you can easily see how many active users are on your website/blog, what keywords brought them in, what content they are consuming…all in real time. Chances are that you are too busy to figure out how to translate raw data into tangible bottom-line results and that’s where an SEO copywriter comes handy.

Multi-Channel Funnels

With this new version all those questions like ‘how much time passed between your prospect’s initial visit and his or her purchase?’ or ‘How are your marketing channels working together to create sales and conversions?’ are put to rest. The Multi-Channel Funnels reports show how previous referrals, searches, and exposure to other channels contributed to your sales. You can learn more about that feature by watching the YouTube video below…

There are three useful reports here. The Top Conversion Paths report shows the conversion paths that your customers took on their way to purchase. Time Lag and Path Length reports show how long it took for visitors to ultimately become paying clients. You can learn how to interpret these reports here – Analyzing Conversion Paths.

Mobile Reporting

Did you know that smartphones and tablets are expected to outsell computers this year? Well, more and more visitors are using mobile devices and smartphones to access and browse the web. Mobile reports should help you understand them better. The first report is a Mobile Overview report, which shows the simple breakdown between mobile traffic and non-mobile traffic. The second report is the Devices report, which provides information about the various mobile devices that visit your site. These useful reports can help you see how mobile visitors are interacting with your website, blog or copywriting sales letter, and which mobile devices they use (so that you can optimise for those devices).

A Safety Latch – What IF you click this…

According to Google, the old (current) version will be available until early next year. Until then you can switch between the two versions as much as you like. If you’re not using the new version yet, you can start by clicking the “New Version” link in the top right of Google Analytics. You can switch back to the Old Version just the same.

If you don’t have a Google Analytics account then you can sign up here.

If you have one already then why not explore the data with an experienced SEO copywriter as two eyes are better than one. Also, a good SEO copywriter will understand how optimise your web content for maximum sales and conversions.

Keep in mind that your customers are a constantly moving target. That’s why smart marketers use targeted content that they tweak and update from time to time. This new version of Google Analytics makes that easier.